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Crocker who saw many of Savill's patients, reports that the exfoliation
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the heart from coronary degeneration are to be feared. Sud-
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Continued surveillance is necessary to detect local
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1894, i, 764-767. — Riciiards (E. L.) Foot-ball and its
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tases. In twenty-nine cases there were five in which this had occurred. The suf-
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and April special meetings approved as distributed.
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ordinarily express their last opinions or will) it will
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so derogatory to the profession. Dr. Ellis said that for thirty
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cation in America has been compared to that in England of
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A notable feature in these cases of cerebral hemiplegia is the retarda-
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usual coui:pe. Let those more familiar with strych-
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The patient should be isolated, and very little treat-
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minute and rigid conscientiousness and adherence to some
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seeks an outlet. The position of pointing may be on the cheek or in the
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More frequently the disease, after a longer or shorter period of quiescence,
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tails of each case are given, and the results appear to have been
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his face twitched. On examination it was noted that the knee jerks were
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dnodenum is not accompanied by extensive catarrh any more fre-
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honestly with it. We all know and, as I of or not familiar with the care of such
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upon which this mode of treatment was based, and which
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next day a straight pewter catheter, which penetrated
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The psychic disturbances occurring during the febrile stage of
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