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Un the Respective Advantages and ment is based. The use of ether has long

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well with a cane. As this case was published in the Russian language,

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doubled within the last ten years. Thus in 1864, 1865, and

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casualties or could have given these men a broader point of view of war

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of many subjects of general importance and interest. Among

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which reached as high as his girth. His escape from in-

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salt solution. Observing under the microscope, it is then seen that

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Dr. Partridge said he had often thought of the propriety

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Voltolini employed the galvano-cautery to effect the opening, and though

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powerless, but not paralysed; there Avas neither shortening nor

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and only in cases where the patient has been treated in a

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extensive researches into the functions of the nervous system, we have not yet

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previous ultrasonographic and CT findings. At the time of

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times work wonderfully well. It must be given, however, not in any fixed

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required to inert very strict tests. It' poor meal, therefore, is

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as if by explosion." A period of maniacal excitement

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Some cachectics assert that they have never suffered from fever,

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child several times and prescribed various washes and tonics.

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puration he had left a part of the appendages twenty-

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and we were confirmed in this view by her subsequent history.

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132-139. — Bnprat (A.) Febre amarella. Rev. da Soc.

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breath, etc., are the only signs upon which we can rely for a thorough and

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and the pulse unvarying in its activity, the physical signs have designated with

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is too early to express any definite opinion upon the value of

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