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ful, but sometimes otherwise. The three principal of these opera-

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On Tico Cases of Sub-meningeal Hamorrhage. By K. Lepine.

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remarked, that our usual instruments of research, applied to the

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betran to sink, and died three days subsequently, the 31st of May, and the

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the most prominent part. He advised the placing of the

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The return of vision has been -peviect and permanent.

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than the lung in which the process was inactive and completely encapsulated.

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1902 Price, F. W., M.B., 1, Maida Vale Mansions, W.

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shown that the Glossina palpalis exists where crocodiles are absent.

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The tube if possible is milked and iodine carried into

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throughout, showing that effusion was rapidly going on. I was called to

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with consequent intense congestion. Having had this ex-

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Framliogham, to Helen Anue, second daughter of the Late E- Cavell,

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and so it was in this child. My first patient in this family kept

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a case of a town in which the well supply is condemned, and

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arrested by passing a ligature with a needle beneath the mouths of

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