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believing the " Bourbons to be the destroyers of France. " Three accomplices
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Reprint. — Darier (A.) Nouveau procediS de keratotomie
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Chancre indure de la paupiero inf^rieure. Ibid , 1887,
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hour. I then introduced .staphylococci pyogenes and
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The cyst was made up of a very large number of elongated loculi with
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j dual organs, and that there is generally a sort of epi-
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temperature, iooJ° to ioiJ-°, rectum. Breathed quietly
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Dr. Semple has succeeded, however, in making his task
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fees as the national economy inflated. As the cost of
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greater amount of protein that the second child received, though
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atmosphere disperses them ; while, if they be organic
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February 6th. — Paralysis of right side of face seems
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Examinations of her blood showed that before the operation
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portant, and should be better paid for ; at present the average
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voice, is sometimes an aid in the discrimination of pleurisy with effusion from
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or ammonia. When thrown into solution of potash, this sub-
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the diagnosis in obscure cases than anything else. By means of the simple
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the origin of these tumors to a constitutional predisposition. In a
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end of the organ to be grasped with the left hand, and then
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a list of practically all the conditions which may produce pain
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(Fig. 4). This shows that when the body is bent, espe-
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complicated group of muscles necessary for the act I
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liirhmond and Louisville Medical Journal, April, 1878.
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sure to external cold, in order for them to maintain their
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were it true that one is contagious and the other non-contagious. The differ-
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before backwards, lengthening the antero-posterior axis of the vitreous,
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to the fact that in the latest edi' ion will be found a com-

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