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taneously, or when given by mouth, in doses too small to be
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in them an explanation of the symptoms exhibited during life, and
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lating in the blood, immediate improvement of the general symp-
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ing : The patient suddenly perceives dimness of vision in one eye, as if a thick
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adopt Dr. Parkes's resolution, and be straightforwaid both in
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Dr. Moritz Cohn'^ regards Ichthyol as being of use in increasing
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a) Date. — The annual appointments to Fellowships are made April 1. Appointees
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greater amount of protein that the second child received, though
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the uteinis Imd diminished, and that the patient had ceased to
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I believe to be impossible. "^The gastric contents are
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surrounding tissue on April 13th. It immediately recurred, and
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This book has the usual oblong shape of account book?,
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fit to be coming on, or when the fine rdles in the larynx above described
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are prescribed in the same manner as are similar salts
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tion with vaseline. When desiring to demonstrate the flagellated bodies in malaria,
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occur only at long intervals, and there is no evidence of blocking
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At the second interview with the patient, she informed me that there
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for producing the Rontgen ray as adapted t(^ the needs and environments
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Umbro? Clin, mod., Pisa, 1896, ii, 326. . The life-
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vesicants. In splenic pain these procedures are often quite successful.
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1 Read before the Geni to-urinary Section of the Academy of Medi-
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W. Murphy and R. R. Dorsey. Head had been shaved and disinfected.
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of inoperable sarcoma by this method leads to a cure in approxi-
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As the liver is the great agent in preparing the carbonaceous mate-
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screw; and when the emergency presents itself, would conse-

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