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ful in four-fifths of the cases of sciatica in which he employed it.
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viii, 56-64, 3pl. . L'inrantilisini', Ic l'6iiiiuisnie et Ics
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gether with calcarea carb. or phos., will often restore the patient.
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which must be that they could take no action upon it.
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provements which have been made in the nature, diagnosis, and
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Hare as it is, this incident is of much practical importance. Whenever a
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sympathetic) with modifications of the internal secretions. In
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have already quoted says, " A handsome stump, a symmetrical fracture,
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on various other occasions, to reprobate the use of the term
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This hajmorrhage was so sudden and so profuse that, had the
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urally upon its agglutinating power ; hence it is well
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and did not come in contact with the hot or cold water. In the
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and some observers have remarked that a slight redness has often remainea ■
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self by numerous experiments that the filarial invariably die when
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Lankpobd, Princess Anne, Md.; Delegate. C. W. Wain-
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vailed among the United States troops, stationed at Hart's Island, Long
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of pus in cases of mastoiditis, as cases often occur where there is not
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summer resorts in the country, as at the seaside, has caused so much
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case. The diagnosis was assured by finding the malarial parasites
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by him, but it appears to me that on the all-important points of
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addition recommends the gin cocktail as closely approach-

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