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neous, soft tissue, and pulmonary metastases®^' and
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poor, this being especially true of the illustrations of micro-
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certain persons ; thus worry, which prevents sleep, will bring about in
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himself. Thus, after an interval of more than half a
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the Government of the day, now adorns our own University.
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long, I inch thick, \ inch deep ; 2, from the fact that
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the house by pushing a chair in front of her, using the
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harsh ; the hair scanty and dry. He talks fairly well and imitates
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and still more unusual forms of bacteria may be met with — strepto-
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Charing-cross. Questions of great public interest will be
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and in very small doses in their spinal anesthesias. The powder
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death to assume a share of the responsibilities of his family, he not
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Many years ago, called in consultation to a case of typhoid
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becoming at times so unmanageable, that it was necessary to put on the
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of fainting, cardial enfeeblement, and consequent dilatation, general
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tinuance of pretty strong and regular pains for some time, the head
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Also: Wc-^t. M. Rev., Lincoln, Neb., 1899, ie, 167-171.—
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Powell : Obstetric Practice Requiring Craniotomy. 75
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<S'(3e O uggeiibiilil (J.) Riiecolta di rehizioni. lettere
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men, and as many cases occur in adolescents, it is scai'cely surprising that
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through the air or other media to a prospective host ;
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tbe thoracio wall, percussion will reveal nothing abnormal even when

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