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lowing year, the condition being recognized in both cases, and

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of the tumor while she changed her position verified her asser-

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life is the key-note of a great deal of later success. In more

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Art. 27. — Intemperance a powerful Predisposing Cause of Cholera,

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be avoided. The habits if bad should be corrected as late hours, late

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The author carried out a series of experiments by each of these

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f;erms in the ice taken from contaminated water became harm-

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varies in length from two to three feet. Usually it is made from a limb of

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ant results were not observed in cases of laryngeal tuber-

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each other, without absolutely coalescing ; every pustule preserv-

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ways been the banner-bearers of universal liberty ; and that, if

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values are usually lower than normal and particularly so in hydropic

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very beneficial in several instances. He particularly

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not stated whether he opened the inguinal canal. It

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lengthened or shortened within reasonable limits, it is pos-

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a free duodenum and a long mesoduodenum, while the dog permanently

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wood in place of the iron. I conceive that the paste employ-

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menstrual flow. It must not be confounded with " retention of the menses "

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displayed an almost bloodless condition, and the placenta

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plant, or imbedded in its meshes. The navicula? are shewn at

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expiration of a definite period after the date of borrowing,

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Jolin Daniel Schlichting dilated a fistulous opening over the

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as evidences of myocardial degeneration, are more apt to be prominent

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