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institutions, and a proportionate increase of in-door patients.
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been written on the subject, to discuss briefly the present state of
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Hospital upon the establishment of the Maternity, it
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4 times a month ; previous history of hay fever. N.B. After treat-
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riirle or ring :— applied to any part of the body
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causes to which the empyema had been due, and had also de-
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by resolution as recorded on page 10, Vol. 1, of the Transactions, N
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Christian Science. Tlie best and most accurate description of the works
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least did not present the ordinary characters of a structure covered by mucous
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Hence I shall consider tirst simple or ordinary intermittent fever, and
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Pfeiffer, of Berlin, is of the opinion that we rarely have pure tuber-
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height of the hitter being only three and a half feet.
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man repeatedly since, and he was at King's College Hospital
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together dispense more real charity than all other professions
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progressing in the human system ; and as a natural consequence
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styptics. He also pointed out the value of turpentine in the vascular variety.
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posthumous admirers. The Chicago Medical Journal and
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But I repeat, that where the poisonous effects are produced in a
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muscular tissue of the heart ; and in favour of this view it may be ob-
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peared, bacilli are absent, and physical examination
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formed by the separation of the lamina above mentioned,
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the moon, all these have not only worked occasional
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illustrate some of those features of the epidemic that I have endea-

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