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the house to help them to lay the ghosts, and between them one
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tion, £1,000; Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh, £7,500; the Royal
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neck, with retraction of the head to the right side.
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together the two anterior extremities of the lacerated
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distinctly, and concisely expressed, than in the words of Dr. Wood.
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trade in Canada. It shows that it has grown from two million
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weight is increased. The increased weight of each kidney may reach or
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single or in repeated doses in non-sensitized rabbits does not
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as the “OSMA Council on Hospital Medical Staffs.”
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Report of the Editors of the American Journal of Insanity.
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Walker, Hug, 4937, Riverside, Queen's Univ., Kingston, Canada, April, 26, 1S97.
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of the nitrogenous elimination in the urine of fasting animals.
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border of the ear. The saliva is a product of the salivary glands,
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tween that and the bronchial membrane. I need, therefore,
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paresis of the left leg, paralysis of the left arm, and paraesthesite in the left hand.
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that, at the beginning of the winter session, many of our readers
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Dr. Faerar, in reply, said he would try to deal with all the points which
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With few exceptions, this diffuse lipomatosis is a disease of adult age,
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borough of Bodmin, this child and its mother were both known to me. The
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difficult to say whether the contractions were due to stimulation of the white or of the gray
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terially upon its due performance ; for, however well
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into two classes — acute and chronic — and made no distinction
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