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easy, simple, and effective plan of using chlorine, as

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until the color of the smear is pink. The preparation is now dried quickly with

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riirle or ring :— applied to any part of the body

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a^ain converted into nitrogen tetroxide. The formula is this :

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widened by the employment of the speculum, and our know-

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perfectly well, and is very efficacious; but I think Iwo pieces are

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TABLE VI.— Africa, Excluding the Mediterranean Area.

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years, who had all the symptoms of a leaking gastric ulcer. The

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attacks depended upon a local affection . . . was the degree of

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tion, a single normal level of these does not rule out DIC. In

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list of all the medicines which may be profitably employed in the practice

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cations, in cases of gunshot or similar wounds. Saturate a linen or old

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dampness, insufficient clothing, trauma, psychic shocks, and poor food, as

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as a brigadier- general; one assistant surgeon- general, to

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healthy and unhealthy. Instead of the old-fashioned

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ordinary preparations for laparotomy were gone through with, and on

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moral or political condition of society, amongst which we

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We have received from Messrs. Tieraann & Co. a copy of

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her property to her children ; in 1848 she made another will revoking that

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benefit of those about to purchase ophthalmoscopes, that Mr. Wilson

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today we still use the patterns which were established by men who

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