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flamed and hyperjcmic condition of the nose and throat may
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ing from prolonged tonic spasm of the muscles of respiration and the
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which the pathological and clinical features were char-
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The report shows that under the plan of separate schools, the aver-
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result therefrom are not the only causes of the general symjjtoms. In some
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ered more or less of the tonsils, could not be so easily treated.
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left no marks and seldom proved fatal." The Health Officer took charge
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too much power to the Executive Committee. At the same
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\cnirnt .iiui inini->r".ii-\ ,1- ,1 ruitinr nu-.i-un- i.i -timul.itr tlu--r .ii,'.-ik it •
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cornea, as often happens, the situation is pitiable in the
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a blister to the belly, enemata, and various cathar-
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to exhibit that medicine in any dose, and the blue pill is now
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zations, and prove the character and value of the work
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there is a gastric hyperacidity which is due not to the fermen-
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cient action of the organs of respiration, is apparently owing to the physical
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Death appeared to have resulted from shock and from the
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connus. II me semble entendre crier la Nature: "Ne vous
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The detection of the thickened and retracted omentum is a significant sign.
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not believe it. A big death-rate that could be traced
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ago that the Government gave official permission to manu-
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finements took place, and at all times, therefore, the conditions were pres-
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their ultimate clinical course or by post-mortem examination.
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evidence on this point. ^Midbrain pressure is associated with
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reaction is positive a bright red color develops which is imparted
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in the capillaries outside the glomeruli, and extending thence as already
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for about two weeks after the joints became free from pain.
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fluids. Much of the present study of them was a mere matter of

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