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Fig. 80. —Section of mosquito about sixteen days after it had fed on a
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It may enter the larynx. Little benefit is derived from
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layer of the pig's fry ; then another sprinkling of the seasoning,
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to be a symbol of medicine; that is, the caduceus of
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ocular movements may be interfered -vvith if the lesion spread forward
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1908. Thunder and lightning occurred on the 12th and 20th.
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constantly by faithful assistants who were instructed hovt' to increase
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examination may show that he is as far as possible from
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the President ; Reading minutes of last meeting by the Secretary ; Clinical
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straggling settlements upon the Atlantic coast. Our
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mentary canal, provided the original source of the evil be attended to at
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which the skin is rosy instead of pallid. There is often plenty
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ment of governor of Netley Hospital has been conferred
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no other constant symptom ; " dark, reddish-brown coloration ■'"' of
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1 cm. apart. This valve-formation was removed by dividing
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the vagina and separating its walls with great force,
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liable to chilblains of the hands practically all his life, but that
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dreu as a hygienic measure. Pacific Kec. M. & S., San
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termine. I have presented the facts as accurately as I could obtain
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