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tures and they kept some of the carriers at home, —
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regulated in accordance with the requfrements of the
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as a little recreation to her while she should be prepared
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sounds and the coasts. They are an unshaven, uncropped, drawl-
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practice in particular, short of marked facts. It was his peculiar char-
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anotiier upon the opposite surface of the pericardium.
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silver; wash with a mild alkaline and antiseptic spray.
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of calcium salts on the contractility of the heart. He
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ably in a great measure for the reason just stated. It is proverbially preva-
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particles varies in a similar way as the viscosity (Fig. 5). In this
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infirmaries l which form, in the Metropolis 2 and some
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pearance characteristic of tuberculosis, and then deep down in the
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gall bladder and stomach and the result is so highly gratifying I should
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tion with the effect of carbon dioxide in shifting the reaction toward
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Goldflnger, D. and Schmidt, P.J.: Residency training in blood
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same number of glasses of milk may often be taken daily in this way.
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of potash and muriate of silver. Thus the same weight
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. induced for a time t6 lay it. aside, although I was convinced it was capa*
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teritis as the progress is rapid or slow. In chronic cases one may see at
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surgeon is reminded that physiology has to be remembered, and
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formation is the production, maturation and discharge of the ovum. But, if
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the responsibility and danger of keeping such patients at home, without the

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