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rent, was a good one. But the writer thought, if the tear in
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whom were known to me, to become acquainted with, in addition to the ordinary at-
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OnsTKTRicAL Society, 8 p.m. Dr. Matthews Duncan, "On Long Delay
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itol; Obstetrics and Diseases of Women, Small Masonic Hall;
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the legs, with pain, tenderness, and reaction of degeneration. She improved
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effects. His report is very brief and without any details.* He
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accounts for certain facts which are apparently inexplicable, such as the
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pancreatic secretion, that might have something to do
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taken, the continuance of which in the system, would
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■■iili. .llul llu'i'f i- iiii .i['i-l III it. .nil-. \ lilmiil iiiltiiri' in n.'.irl-. .ill . .i-i-^
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We should drink very moderately at meals, and not dilute the gastric
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which they may ignite in varying circumstances cannot
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Little Rock, 1959. Residency, Austin State Hospital,
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coagulated albumen." The "National Dispensatory" (1st edition, p.
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microscopic examination of the urine was of very great value
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clot of the left middle cerebral artery, and a tumour upon the
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but very badly locoed in every way. It was blind in one eye, proba-
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botli, may be inferred, and the lesions are not innocuous ; yet, so long as the
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The small intestine has been further divided into three others;
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Dr. George K. Smith asked the reader of the paper (Dr. Hawley) whether the
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The Health and Wealth of Benguet Province, P. I.— By
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time, of any kind of food, as this practice is very ruinous
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Mr. Shbild, in reply, said he was obliged for the kind way in which
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quent occurrence of hemorrhages in leucocytha^mia. Subserous ecchymoses,
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escape. It is the more necessary to fix in the mind a general course of action in

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