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specify the size required— Small, Medium, Large or Hospital Size.

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cidental) ; staphylococcus (very regular, larger than

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in after life, and moreover causes rupture of both navel and groin.

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examination, therefore, is of very great importance,

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begins his treatment by keeping the patient cases the pain first came on at the periods

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and fibrous tissue ; lying in the latter was a large trian-

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and if there was present only one-fifth of one per cent.

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taxes me, and you may flatter yourself if I manage even to fill

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resection of the head of a rib and the adjacent transverse

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tion of cases these animals become affected with tuberculosis of the

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no heat under 109' can be considered surely fatal. 10. The

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whitish or greyish concretions, forming a pultaceous coating that is not

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hemiplegia. It is almost always accompanied by hemianesthesia. Further-

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ing of the Ophthalmological Congress at Heidelberg,

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the difficulty of breathing, and inability to lie down ;

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glans becomes of a peculiar cherry colour, is intensely tender, and

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otherwise accounted for) ; and GOOO to supply other losses specified

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I must not forget to say that the tactile sensibility

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The key, then, to the successful treatment of all pathological disin-

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viz., powdered gum arable, i gramme ; water, i granune ;

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the session. January 18th — Dr. Drj'sdale, " On the

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ones bave been obtained from morbid conditions in human beings.

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tuberosities of the tibia were both distinctly movable.

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