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plan of medical organization is old-fashioned and not in touch with

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Ham facings.— Refers to the facing of fat which is taken off the inside of the hams in order to

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tion of the drum membrane showed no lesion. The noises gradually

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exact seat and size of the lesion. It will be readily understood

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making raw lateral surfaces, which are to be brought together by

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there must be present particulate germs capable of propa-

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an increased elimination of uric acid in gouty subjects after the use of atophan,

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placed in a straight waistcoat that little balls of faeces ready prepared for

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xix.no. 1, 10-16 Ortcsa(R.) Reniarksontlie treatment

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Fresh burnt animal charcoal has some effect in improving the

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Pathology. Acute Form. — The membranes are opaque,

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or of that, " It is a typhoid fever" or " It is an ague," or " It is a

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water when heated, are among the most frequent victims.

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Analysis of these three cases in which the patient showed great

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haps possessing the greater pathological interest, there were

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gumma involving the posterior surface of the petrous bone, "which, by

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employment of the red frequencies in smallpox have been

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tions on this subject: (i) The children of drunken and debauched

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passage from the bowels. He was about taking blood from the arm but

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concluding from their investigations that we are dealing with a

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local district of mine-workers at Pittsburg have re-

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of a serous exudate whicli led one of the members, earlier in the evening, to

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extent a special organism having possibly obtained this spec-

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nothing but scai'latina which old doctor so and so told

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grave) must say that since tlie establishment of the Medical

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third stage the paraplegia becomes complete and flaccid. The tendon

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