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Dr. Seely had studied a number of cases occurring in one

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would not have accepted his invitation to write this brief note,

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th^ir patients, and to accept their statements readily,

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at Camp Greene. The total number of cases of epidemic meningitis oc-

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fatient could take food, a little milk, arrowroot, or weak beef-tea, was given,

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but vesicles and peduncles without discs. Thus, in two wood-

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cachectic persons, and are also often accompanied by rachitis. From

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tial chill February 17, 1893, followed by pneumonia

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University Hospital, the Episcopal, St. Timothy's, and St. Mary's Hospitals,

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them by the bottle, or with a teaspoon, as long as the obstacles to

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Kraus^ found that a complicating pneumonia caused the Widal reaction to

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females, which gout does not. It is not favored by the habits

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base, but disappeared after the following day. A double

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carbohydrate foods are chiefly carbonic acid and various organic

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age, is No. 9 (English). It is rare to find urethrae that will

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on the minutes showing 23 ayes against 27 nays — a pretty

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abscesses in other parts of the body connected with diseased

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Wchnschr., 1885, n. T., ii, 251; 259. — Shalluck (F. C.)

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Powder, as in the preceding case. During the period of great depression, I ilso gave 'freely

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is occasionally a concretion formed therein much after the manner of

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diseases of a constant character, constant (specific) remedies

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interstitial circulation or movements are concatenated so inti-

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from the sixth rib downwards. On section, the lung appeared very cedematous in

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