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occurred as the result of nasal diphtheria, a fact which he accounts for
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peutics." Fountain's history is brief. Both of us ex-
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three days and the subcutaneous daily. Graser (1910)
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ence, laceration of the membranes can nearly always be avoided and
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Estimated by the hypobromite method in a nitrometer.
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When the chancres became bad again, the rash on forehead
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Because about 40% of patients with a symptomatic peri-
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The observations of Continental physiologists on the office
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partially turned glove finger. It may occur at any part of the
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it engenders. I think, with the help of certain facts,
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and strychnia. One male with insufficiency of left internal rectus,
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valescence is more endurable and rapid. Relapses do occur with
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the abscess may have enlarged considerably in the last six;
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ice was reported by Hutchins and Wheeler in 1903 in the St. Law-
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view that nurses in this department have no special previous training, therefore the endeavor
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had been a few seconds before. We had not recovered from our aston-
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Dr. Ord, Senior Asst. Physician, has been appointed Physi-
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the exemption shows this: that the exciting cause, to be effective,
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portion of false membrane which prevents the liquid from being reached.
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group agglutinins for orange and white cocci, but there was a distinct
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the whole, in the evening of his days, having made himself a home
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from IngersoU : " If I can drive a dagger to the heart of
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capable of rendering the atmofphere unwholefome, for, to the
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Addison, in an interesting paper " On the Containing-texture of the Blood,"
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upon a point of a very trivial nature, as | tendency — the purport of exclusion, clearly

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