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ing a period of from five to thirty minutes, but the atten-
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to -eventy-five ligatures were required in dissecting out the
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movement of the fragments. Fig. i shows examples of this
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4, If 66^ per cent, perish among healthy infants admitted,
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Measured and calculated results of LED location (mm,
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tiu'ned pink on addition of alkali, showing that the color was
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is called epidemic in coimtries where it is a stranger, although
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not uncommon, and for long has been considered pathognomonic
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stitutes a part of human aliment.. Yet can any intelligent and candid man
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Kelp: Vrtljschr. f. gerichtl. Med., 1879, new series, xxx, 380.
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Three months later, after eight additional injections, a curve
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mental condition must not be hoped for, any more than a perfect physical
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not unknown before the malarial epidemic, but were far
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2403. Blisters to the neck, and these repeated occasionally,
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stomach " is used by most authors wherever there is
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girth was introduced, probably by Sir John Lade, at that
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assigned to duty in the Department of the E,TSt. — Par. j, 5. O.
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5. If, as a result of peritonitis from perforation or septicemia, a puerpera
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tain immune forces existing in the body which are antagonistic
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easy to isolate with the aid of hydrochloric acid muscular cords
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of the existence of the embryon, there is no placenta, and
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kept alive the demand for new books and the love of reading.
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ointments are supplied in collapsible 'tubes with elon-
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respiratory depression in the newborn, especially if higher doses are used
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