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one had a recurrence and eleven survived without recurrence. There

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pr^nant women 112 mm., and in pr^nancy 118 mm. up to 7 or

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opment, and when the time comes for the palate operation he will

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fitable will be the meetings. The general sentiment of

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cate a fitting subject for such an honor. This was done

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4. The Relation of Pulmonary Tuberculosis to Mitral Steno-

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membrane. The apex of the funnel at the depth of J^ to Ji inch presents a narrow opening

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Emery, M.D., B.Sc.Lond. London : H. K. Lewis & Co.,

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and now Charcot is dead. The medical profession of Paris,

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phenomena which have been described are repeated during every

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It would, no doubt, be more instructive and compre-

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reaching them more satisfactory than any heretofore

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sockets, and whole expression bad; pulse 130, small and compressi-

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Biological Signijicance of the Crescents and of the Bodies Derived

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The symptoms had suggested so extensive an infiltration

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perfected in a few days. It also tends to subside much more

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that this hypothesis is correct, surely the treatment begins at the wrong

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Ocular Defects, The Influence of Certain, in Causing

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be in direct communication with the central band or axis of Kemak and

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was quickly and naturally applied to pathological condi-

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can get. And, for my own part, I should take away as much as

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Flatulence, etc. Milk Crust—Milk Scab— Milk Blotches. Thrush—

purchase citalopram use

• Clinique Medicate de Leminier, tome iv. 8vo. Paris, 1833.

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