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rate rather than the single, mixed board system, for the reason
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caught up with the spirit of the age, and during the last
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therefore partake of the active or reactive capacity. Thus it happens
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to eradicate the plant or to reduce its numbers, if it was found to be
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be two or three assistants to hand instruments and to soak up the
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inches on 107 days in 1908, 12.336 inches on 108 days in 1907,
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have been told, as many of these men are, that his business was too
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Reaves, W. P., Greensboro, (Hon.) ; Univ. of the South, 1903..- 1905 1907
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great frequency of spontaneous nodal rhythm (Fig. 3). It would
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thirty six hours piior to birth of child, shows consider-
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culture of the comma bacillus, and which all drink as a
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cance of any soreness or pain felt is ascertainable only on physi-
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utter desolation. The shops are all closed, the wealthier
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Bangle, J. A., Concord, Med. Coll. of Richmond, 1916 1916 1919
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time to be realized ; the oxalate of lime will fall in an amorphous
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capillary bronchitis. This application of the term capillary is not strictly
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Neo-Darwinian, lead inevitably to two opposite, violently opposed,
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therapy first. A variation on this is to begin therapy with
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passed a proviso to section 1436 E. S. 1878, by adding that in any
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condition containing tubercle bacilli ; the bacilli are only found in the
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department to their lands in Belmont, in which town
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of animals, both the castrated and senile. Steinach of Vienna has
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in treatment from the previous category of cases is
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normal ; and death often ensues in as short a period as 1 or 2
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recourse to in this form of the disease, keeping clearly before us the possi-
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read a paper on this subject. He considered that the treat-
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In many cases" where it is not possible, for various reasons, to

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