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tentions of the fallopian tube. 7. Fibromyomata are
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not very resistant to antiseptic influences and so there
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itself Avill aflfect the pulse. The freedom Avith Avhich the blood is delivered
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Pathological Anatomy. — Avoiding the minute histological details
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cells then developed between the severed tissues and the throm-
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small but diseased tonsils has resulted in a complete cure of
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1878 c] <Deutsche Ztschr. f. Thiermed., Leipz., v. 5. (3-4), 5. Juni, p. 237.
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are highly interesting and important. I cannot, however, discuss
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sity, insisted on in a previous memoir, of examining
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course. At the end of two months any form of medication that
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of the ovaries, and ulceration of the stomach, all adduced as
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branch is often divergent to produce separate mass of conidia. Conidiiferous cells 7-10
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cystic, and (c) the fact that no atrophy of the uterus occurs when these
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Let us hope that American observers will soon swell
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under his own care. The man had diabetes also and phthisis.
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number of others proved to be without foundation. It is of
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and the interstices of the tissues were filled with blood.
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The aviator needs perfect vision, and a perfect ability to distinguish colors,
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there is no displacement or depression of bones, it is wiser to
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era. The first recorded epidemics, indeed, seem to have occurred in the
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speculation under the pretence of Science, could be collected from all the

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