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to support the patients's spirits during her pregnancy and
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the Capitol's brightest men. He knows the workings of
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had first consulted another physician, who had failed
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in strong sulphuric acid, in a porcelain capsule (which can be obtained
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Medicine {late Professor of Medicine) at University College;
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with reference to the reward are as follow : "A reward of $250
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Whatever is used should be bound on reasonably tight. Regard-
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which is doubted by some as to typhoid fever, is quite evident as to the Crimean
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hour. I then introduced .staphylococci pyogenes and
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go attention to free elimination by all the excretory channels, and
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which is found from nine to twelve years of age, is merely a stage on
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become afresh the seat of lupus, hence not a sound scar. This may in
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sary to recall the form of the nasal passages to be impressed
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cessfully with iodide. Five years after, patient married ; one
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creates a permanent narrowing of the nasal passages.
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323. Capt. D., tet. 43, April 29, 1901. Variety, spasmodic;
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given immediately after the Quinine. Beyond the support it gives to
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As we all know, the appropriateness of performing a
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of the nurses of that institution. Among these officials (who
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Several observers have attempted to isolate micro-organisms in
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Purulent Rhinitis. — If there is a profuse discharge from the nose,
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" There is little temptation to employ lithotrity, as a
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of voice, the voice being a little husky, which readily cleared up
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Radiating lines, usually five in number, were prolonged from
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C. K. Clarke, Kingston ; Philip, Brantford. Obstetrics.
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and cutaneous reflexes is especially marked in certain cases, of
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