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standpoint. Amputation perfectly bloodless. Died in short tinie; shock.

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the external iliac vein, internally and below by the lower

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hol (1 to 1100), and contain two molecules of water of crystallization,

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been made in medical education, has been, directly or indi-

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which begins down in the calf, may extend up in the

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There was scarcely a disease in which the element of uncer-

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first, in which there are active signs of disease and the

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skiagram are phleboliths. During a pelvic operation he found

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that the brain is in reality a mere servant or passive

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is very rare, occurring in cancer cases in the proportion of about six

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his own, and it is as idle to ask the origin of a snail or

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ing from three to twenty ounces in the twenty-four hours, and is of a

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1848. *BouTH, Chables Hbnby Felix, M.D., 52, Montagu-square, W. p,

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carotid. How is this to be determined ? Very easily in most cases, by a

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naturally are thrown to the periphery. These observers

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26. Martius and Liittke. Die Magensdure, Stuttgart, 1892.

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Turkish wafers came to be introduced to Americans."

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blistering, and the lung fever; and that it was about time to make some

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enlarged and filled with fatty exudations, appear in the form

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in women.] Skiift. utg. af Fiuska Liik. - siillsk. [etc.],

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Studies appears in the fourth and final (April) number

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