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of the chloride of methyl in the monocarbon series. The

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virulent which we had to deal with ; no available treat-

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continually in the digestive organs in consequence of a diet rich in

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ness to use them, thus cntting into the druggist's income and

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manganatis give relief. Ichthyol, diluted with three parts of water and

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(2,) Bradycardia from compression of the nucleus of the accelerator

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carbohydrate foods are chiefly carbonic acid and various organic

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occurring in women who have borne children a short time before the oc-

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noma of the cervix and may help to prevent recurrence in the

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then all the superfluous solution is to be squeezed out by pressure from

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ments he has made in behalf of his statement. The author's

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the initial fever, when one slightly enlarged gland was detected

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flaccidit}' and Avasting, which may fairly be attributed to disuse. They are

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varying greatly in size, can be now and then distin-

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High risk is defined as persons over 65 years of age or

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man (118 grms. proteid, 56 grms. fat, and 500 grms. carbohydrate).

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Lectures will be given daily by the Professors of the College,

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a marble wash-stand with hot and cold water ; over this is an electric annun-

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the delight of the present and the hope of the future. Civilization and

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gelatin-gelose and acid-gelatin responded respectively

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a lunatic asylum as a boarder, and may leave the asylum at any

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of nitrate of strychnia and ,£,, grain of atropine, dissolved in filti

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the subject of car ventilation, and with it submitted the results of several

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birth-rate and death-rate and the average duration of life

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