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"Atonia Gastrica" (Abdominal Relaxation). By Achiujes Rose, M- D.,

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supervenes, and the cardiac rhythm becomes modified, espe-

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plegia. On October 15th she was taken with spasm of the

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cal power. Even a candle as a source of light has sufficient

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man in our alm.shouse, whose case was looked upon as a " masked

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not so great there is a tear of the ureter or of the renal vessels.

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and lantern slides. — Mr. Maylard showed — (1) Specimens removed by

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which must be that they could take no action upon it.

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Commentary. — In this case the aneurism originating from the

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culties usually arise from sluggish excretion, buttermilk is a

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of the deceased being a stranger to him, and of there being, consequently, no

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On the Influence of Cortical Lesions on Vision. — M. Lannegrace

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medication will dissolve and remove gall-stones, and only

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25 per cent by volume. Our uniform experience has been that naso-

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cal and other conditions seem not only to have been favorable to the

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It stresses the rules and guidelines of the CPT-4 book.

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great detail of antisepsis, certainly marks the nearest ap-

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years ago, and since which time had been epileptic. Latterly,

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table by his bed. The bottle was one of Power and Wightman's.

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having regard to the high quality of the article we

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uendo passage, just as the cords begin to separate, this

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This experiment will suffice to illustrate the futility of re-

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and disinfects the blade afresh. In the next bout the

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i legitimacy of a child, so born, could not be established.' The jury returned

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to be improved, so that the secondary nephrectomy, if found to be

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College indicated in a letter to the hospital that interns

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