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immediately performed ; indeed it is essential that air be ad-
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weeks, and proves fatal. It is not rare, however, that
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md their variety depends upon the varying quantity of the
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Q. Why does the leg flex when the entire joint is dis-
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general debility, especially of that kind peculiar to females.
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the statistics of Dr. T. Fox. Two cases of that peculiar form of
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helps in the diagnosis, for its fluid contains typical bacilli. The
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With this formula the dose can be better regulated than
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faces: but the layers were thicker towards the handle than at the point. The
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externally, being brought into view by a slight prolapsus
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propagation of contagion from patient to patient, they deny
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the constitutional disorder, but in many cases issues in
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question of authenticity. Max Neuburger, the distinguished
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immediately after they were made, or in the course of the examination, had
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to shorten their session a week because of the time of holding our examinations. We have
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of this optic aids program. As a result, kits of mag-
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and which may i^ersist for months or years without developing into
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been considered at all times as a mark of the tonic state of the
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The use of the term amebic dysentery is now commonly
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— a sketch of the Botany of S. Carolina and Georgia,
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even though it represent but the meager outline of a few salient
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laxatives, enemas, and so on. In my experience, seid-
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Art. VII. — On the Treatment of Stricture of the Urethra hy the
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with it the ligature, which in turn carries the round ligament through

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