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nancy, in a state of fatty degeneration," " I search in vain the literature of the
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occurrence, are articular rheumatism, usually confined to a few joJnts,
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four daughter amebas. I have observed the same amebas both in soldiers
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periods had already suffered from a jyrevious attack of measles.
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other cerebral symptoms) the pia arachnoid looked turbid, yellowish, and
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tapered off corticosteroids as soon as the clinical
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taining one hundred and ninety Figures, many of them the size of life. Together with copious
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differ widely in their relative importance: and the principles upon
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powerless, but not paralysed; there Avas neither shortening nor
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of the diaphragm. The whole cavity was well irrigated
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his studies on children, found that in those of the same age the lung-
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For Hampshire — Drs. Joseph H. Flint, Alpheus F. Stone, Stephen W.
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everywhere, ready at a moment's notice to lend its rays to our work,
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look, pale, and rapidly emaciating, with more or less con-
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of turpentine is said to be the physiological antidote;
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nic molecules or atoms are arranged in each particular tissue
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and accurate that this should be a routine procedure in every advanced
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its contents by contraction of the muscular fibres.
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of the effect of their operations on the level of the water in
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tion and then to remove successive sections till healthy
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other examples, are dilated upon by our author, as showing bow the vital
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is impossible to say. Chemical agency, electricity, and magnetism may be the
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prisoner that he had not received her as a lunatic, or alleged
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rical or other forceps, — especially the distal part
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symptoms subside, boiled fish may be given, and then minced meat (made from
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dered the first sound ; and also, according to Volkmann, the
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study were mapped out. Muudinus, Vesalius, Huysch, Koort-
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ants are usually young women. Milk as a beverage is popular, and
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it will add much to the comfort of the patient. This may be attained by

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