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wounds occurring in individuals who work around horses,

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ically illustrates, in colors, "Tlie Theory of Evolution*' and "Tlie Descent of

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to render the development very incomplete. These facts, M. Nauche

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producing rapid vesication and was able to obtain the bodies often in

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cooked meat, five ounces of cream, and three eggs, with

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August 4-5— Southwestern Regional Cryostat and Microscopically

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concerns with oil, and for sale. The negroes of the adjoin-

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pleasurable sensations in the crisis of intercourse.

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by indefinite symptoms and attacks of irregular fever or an afebrile tem-

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were gran'iilar, and the left ventricle of the heart was much hyper-

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There is often an excess of moisture about the rectal orifice, and

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three animals with emulsions made from tuberculous human lungs.

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Huren, was that of a female ehihl of six years and a

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per,! have been able to treat successfully vesico-utero-

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daughter bodies jfrom each other ; but the various phenomena leading

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highly poisonous compounds called ptomaines. The eating of such

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its solution would come from some of the large German laboratories

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per cent of butter fat where concentrated flavors are used and not

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Case II. Mr. B., aged fifty five, deaf three years.

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breath, lapid pulse, or other physiological symptoms — appear, the

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Delegates of the Arkansas Medical - Society - for final

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germ, organism, or bacterium, they -also prove that infective

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Eastern Dispensaries, no direct answers were offered.

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maceration, and partial disintegration follows. The same thing is seen

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leather chin-piece {B CD) is applied to make extension on the neck.

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valuable aid to diagnosis, for which we are indebted to Dr.

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Dr. G. W. Bagby, Cannon Falls, was elected president

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a diagnosis. Sometimes, he thought, the radiographers were too

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