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statement that the acid produces a chemical solution of can-
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reliable as indicating the size of the abscess cavity. It follows that
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it may appear, is not unattended with difficulty; it is not eafy
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md their variety depends upon the varying quantity of the
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OperatioM at University College, 2 p.m. ; St. Mary's, 2 p.m. ;
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tion and an immediate paralysis ending in death. So* also if the
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tact, and also because its fluffiness favors the entangle-
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by arrangement with the chief of the division. 1, 2, or 3 Mjs. a quarter. Bailey,
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subdivisions of the art of healing. Practical medicine ther-efore
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characterised by local formation of new tissue of a bony or other nature in
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comes breathing with both arms behind the head, then with the
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any preferred syrup (orgeat or sarsaparilla is the best
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It continues a few days, and gradually the normal condition of the stomach
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the association of the serpent with Apollo ? The usual
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upon some special tendency, of the part affected, or of the neoplasm itself.
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tained 6,434 injuries. The head and face receiving 2,652, while the trunk
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potassium cyanid, potassium ferrocyanid, acetic acid, boric acid,
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difiicult — the most striking symptoms are: loss of strength
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years of this period. In those under the age of puberty both ap-
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As far as my own experience extends, I must candidly aver
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acute pleuropneumonia, which in children of this diathesis

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