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Infusion, fluid extract, f. 31. Cold water, one pint. Mix.
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all parts where the epidermis is much thickened, especially
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cera, which consist almost entirely of vessels. So soon, therefore, as, by nervous action, the fluids are more ooni.
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of fact, there was but very little malaria present among
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vomiting of pregnancy is the result of a toxaemia, the lesions of
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to employment in any part of India, according to the exigencies of
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granted to the caprices of the sick. Secrecy and delicacy should be strictly
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were much employed, but the advantages derived from them are very
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extremity of the tibia (as was done in Dr. Verity's case). The trans-
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finest hair upon the surface of the eye; let a drop of vinegar fall upon
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in the House, and National Quarantine and Public Health, In the
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brought to a glow. A small piece of the periphery of
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and she miscarried. He did not favor ventral flxation or sus-
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ache, the pain of the back, the" vomiting, the restlessness, abate
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* CJiarcot, Gaz. des Ilopiteaux, 1868. Bourueville et Guerard, De la Sclerose Cii
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perfect exactness, if we could not, by means of Esmarch's bandage,
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the one sad answer — the people sit in darkness and in the shadow
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on being made a Companion of the Bath, by the First Lord of
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perfect vision, however, were more or less persistent.
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character of symptoms, we discern darkly only and doubtfully

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