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The present trouble began on the night of November 15,

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right hand was altogether powerless, and there was but

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189-274 1 Rep Smithson, Inst. 1890-91. Wash., 1893, 269-

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population? What their successive progresses in arts and

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he treated as a malignant remittent. Those who adopt the view ot the identity of par*

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large number of cases, but only a few submit to operative

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the -Vnamirta Citrina on a Woman and Child. Mr. Hilton gives

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and complications, they are the same as in any hicmorrlioidal

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runs for some distance, gradually diminishing toward the end of its

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pigs and mice causes a fibriuopurulent peritonitis, with a moderate

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in every case. The form of this disease was croupous in 9 cases ; in 1 it

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turning to his work he had a relapse, and then for the first time it came

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pill or calomel of disgorging the liver of its " atra bilis" —

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visual acuity, and concentric contraction of the visual field with dys-

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vision, or various objects made to resemble others to which they bear no

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or secretion, but are we not each one of us daily called upon to

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neck which frequently offer great difficulties in diagnosis as well as

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ment. The first was as follows: B. L., a merchant, aged forty-

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ears of corn, or small bags of corn, or oats, placed all around the

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end was lying between the fragments and directed to the

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