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be under the fluoroscope, with an anesthetic and superextension, or by
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Laws of the Disease Clinical History Pathological Character Causation Diagnosis
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morbid state of the blood, such as the exanthemata, es-
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necessary to secure the object desired. The duration of the
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E. S. McCLELLAN, M D., Professor of Materia Medica and Botany.
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tral, peripheral or general constitutional condition. There
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the optic disk, and as soon after their extravasation as
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gain flesh, cries all the time, sleeps but little, and seems always to be
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Finally, it is possible that some bronchiectases may be the result
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apologetically says : *' Dolly has become afraid of
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scattered leucocytes are found in it when clear, and when it becomes
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malignant diseases is possible; that mice, in which a spontaneous cure
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asphyxiated. It was very pale and flacci'J in body and
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sputum. In many cases where physical signs were absent and
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to which flesh is heir ; and, if these remedies are safer and more
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indications furnished by the sputa, and concludes with
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free from fever — provided there exist no serious coTnplioation — in
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[Communicated for the Boston Medical and Surgical Journal.]
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pulsed from the urethra, permitting, when it occurred,
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or alcohol in some other form, and enjoying a too generous diet.
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the abdominal muscles enough to return protuding organs, after
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bacterial sampling. It was found that vacuuming prior to mopping could be
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Bellevue Hospital, New York, recently, to have an ova-
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