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Now, in conclusion, electrolysis of urethral strictures
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little experience soon teaches a person "what to eat, drink
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of the extract, incubated for seventeen hours with saccharine solutions
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The statements which Zschokke made at the International Veterinary
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take Aconite 3 . Most of this small book is occupied with the treat-
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The elements that enter into a correct prognoHis are, in the main, identical
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regard to Eontgen rays for diagnostic purposes, he could not agree with
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half. The metallic stem of this instrument have directed, I am convinced it will yield
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conclusions, — namely, that the organ is invariably enlarged during
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same may be said of the occurrence of saccharine urine during the
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of a name to the B(?(7!sfer, 550; the case of Richard
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influence of the cultured and cosmopolitan doctor; whose pro-
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condense. If the tube D contains a few broken pieces of willemite
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belladonna in minute doses in that class of congested head-
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between the meatus and a point within an inch of the
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to discover any macroscopic or microscopic lesion, and may re-appear with
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trial and error. Manipulate the diet to include easily digested
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ing this variety will apply with equal force to that oc-
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third and fourth week the fever abated, leaving the case perfectly prostrated ;
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Fluid extract C. R., f. fii. Simple syrup, f. ^xiv. Mix.
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survive iafter the water has been brought to the boiling
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F. R., Arthur, Ont.; Henderson, R. H., Toronto; Holmes, S. M.,
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110° to 150° F. would hardly justify classifying hot water
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