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when taken hold of ; and likes to isolate itself. Before the fatal
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or no danger of injuring the dura mater. The bone was
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back of the hand. It consists of patches, which, on close inspec-
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1897, Ross^ further elaborated his experiments and was able to observe
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Indications, Neurathenia, Insomnia, Hysteria, Nervous Exhaustion,
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state which he mistakes for health ; and which a medical man,
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denied by some writers of high authority, for example, by Valleix. Its com-
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6thly, That Dr Harrison be requested to circulate the above Plan and
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A careful history, however, will very soon show that they are really the vestiges of a
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under ordinary circumstances, is first of all to remove all pressure by a
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Dr. Sinkler was inclined to believe that in his case
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of this optic aids program. As a result, kits of mag-
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be neatly bound in cloth for sale at one dollar each. Application
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man. Yet that indescribable and immeasurable variable
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tal, New York, revoked, and placed on waiting orders.
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received kindly, and although in this paper the writer
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Deterioration of the humanized virus is to be added to the causes, pre-
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* Howard Marsh, " Diseases of Joints," Lea Brothers, 1886, p. 407.
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ergot, aud others ; conatitutioual aSectioua, e.g., tubercle, cancer, Brigbt'a

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