Celexa Vs Paxil Purpose

a case of pulmonary disease presenting signs of consolidation and
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minute, but gradually improved. Oxygen and saline given. Incision closed. Pa-
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acquainted before we are able to appreciate the extent and the
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the cono-ested vessels. This efl'iision alike takes place on the surface
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ances, this case affords a further proof of the possibility of the coagu-
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1891, n. s , lii, 414.— While (J. A.) Eve troubles attrib-
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thickest, islands of normal skin can be detected. The rash still disap-
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had been present. In one there had been general unm-thesia,
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in which the biceps of the left arm and the right vastus internus were involved
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(pus forming) stage, the conditions will not admit of fever reme-
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thought that possibly the neuralgia was caused by i)oison-
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erroneous idea that women, during the period of sucking, necessarily
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The department of translations and abstracts from foreign
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Dr. H. P. Wenzel, of Lomira, Dodge county, reaches the following
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Packard, of Philadelphia, suggests the possible frequency of
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■which liavc been expressed, and that one word is "may"
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Chronic Saturnine Poisoning Treated by Electricity .
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It is rather imitated in the gymnasium by the marked
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of. It should be well supplied and not handicapped in its necessary
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dia. Army M. Dep. Rep. 1895, Lond. ,1896, xxxvii, 335-349.—
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may decline more rapidly in certain functions than in
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in dedicated work in the hope that all will be received
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are liberally dispensed at the skin Hospitals ; but then it is so
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occasionally in that process called embolism of fat ;
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most satisfactory in its history. Very sincerely yours,

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