Converting Celexa To Lexapro

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years ago. A bachelor advertised for a wife, and the only restric-
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be established at the station of the Korsor-Copenhagen
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Manilla, and in the island of Borneo ; at Singapore and Penang, in
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longed course of salicylate of soda in acute rheumatism. He was much struck
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admitting its contagious character, says : " There is not the shadow
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old, while great numbers had the disease at the age of a few weeks or a
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this even in the use of the term psyche, which now is something to be
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tity of it, to cause a more or less vitiated condition of the air, may be
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intervals and degree of block or length of preceding pauses (R-R intervals).
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approbation of great authority, that there is a pre-
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Society for Animal Protection. Abstraction and line-drawing
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has already approached some vital spot. Occasionally
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rend. Soc. de biol., Par., 1887, 8. s., iv, 598-600.— Fischer.
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has only been observed at certain times and in certain localities in Sene-
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extenso in the Proceedings of the Society before whom it was
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so than either the heat or the nitric acid test, but it will cause a cloud
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tion — viz., the removal of the clitoris as a remedy for masturba-
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marked than in like cases in adults. Nucleated erythro-
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But we cannot reason thus concerning the contagious epidemics.
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who even understood the practice as taught by Galen, and
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test. The greatest danger arose from the milk of tuberculous cows. The
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36-42. Also [Abstr.] : Paris med.. 1880, xi, 313-316. ,
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:ircumstances were — 1st. That the relatives of the deceased swore that the
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membrane infection of the oral cavity. The treatment

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