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artery and tubes close to the uterus, then split the tissues over
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he believed that it was this acid which caused the en-
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arteries go. This may be experimentally demonstrated for the
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In this case a rheumatic subject catches cold, and within a
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statistical records of troops serving at home, their invaliding
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after 6 ditto, £1. Deputy Inspector General — On promotion, £1, 5s.;
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such liability constitutes one of the chief dangers of the-
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[•articular organs composed of the tissues. As the number of tissues is small
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crymal bone. With a fine scalpel this canal should be
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Babinski sign, and then convulsion, stupor and coma end the
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smoke and sizzle, but a mole will not, but the latter will form
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tabes dorsiilis. Occidental M. Times, Sacramento, 1898,
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the whole power of this Council, should be concentrated upon
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of oil, the application of leeches to the part affected, purging with aloes, etc, the ad-
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cussion. It must be satisfactory to those who desire
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in combiiuition with bismuth gives the best results.
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him ; but were it not for the happy illusion that his useless or even deleterious
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The merit and originality of this invention belong to an
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was only by dint of large doses of quinine that the patient got
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Avenue, NW, Suite 500, Washington, D.C. 20005-3457;

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