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originate from the foam of the sea) is simply the young fry of
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platform, behind which are the screen and blackboard.
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might be, about the quality of that subtle fluid, which enters and
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6 parts of calomel to 30 of axunge. 2. A powder, composed of four-fifths of
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or gouty constitution ; in these cases, as in most others of similar pathology,
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Douglas's pouch, would be impinged upon by the male
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and depofits a matter apparently refinous, but only partially
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I up with a reddish-brown gelatinous substance, more or
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effects. It is hard to believe, but it is true. On the
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was interpreted by Kanitz, who showed that the effect of the acid
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supposed to be reliable, but on account of the gut not being perfectly
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But when considered in connection with the physiological conclusions it
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from exposm'e to such matters when diluted with a moder-
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More, the physiologic phenomena and therapeutic results
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12. The successful treatment of complicating disorders is very
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sence of tumours in the lateral ventricles of the brain, and
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Ilie conclusions which Mr. Macnamara, has formed as to the general progoons, arc
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paroxysm. If on the other hand there is reason to believe that
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use of sulphur dioxid. All vessels trading with a plague-infected port
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probably made its way through the diseased intestinal mu-
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sillitis and in the other the abscess appeared during re-
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1 ing that when the stenosis has reached a certain stage
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amount of carbonic acid excreted by the lungs was considerably re-
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cient action of the organs of respiration, is apparently owing to the physical

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