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as possible. We all know their seductive power, ! i , ,, i- . tt-i . • i. • j ■? ..

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the same field, and by collecting facts of a character either fa-

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is present, and if no visible focus of infection, as a wound, is discoverable the

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The parturient act is a mechanical one. The expulsion of the

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employed by Smith' in the comparative study of tubercle bacilli.

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Chaffey ; the prognosis by G. A. Sutherland ; and the treatment by

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the eight London water companies take their water from the river

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Facial irritability is found in rickets also apart from laryngismus

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leg* and gangrene of the big toe of the same extremity. 'I'he

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during the twenty years mentioned; and the white troops of

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others firmly believe that the primary lesions in all cases of inter-

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Being in a pulverized form, it only requires the addition of water to create at once a

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We should drink very moderately at meals, and not dilute the gastric

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on a small stick. XJlcers will often heal if touched with a piece of

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ocular movements may be interfered -vvith if the lesion spread forward

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sentatives of Medical and scientific interests in Oxford con-

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bined with crackling rales, which can be heard by auscultation.

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above instruments in the hands of inexperienced prac-

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formed by the separation of the lamina above mentioned,

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aortic insufficiency in regard to time. In the one there

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tionable. "This is in the hands of the Minister of Public

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ciate with another physician. Beautiful, large, new,

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that ingredient. It depends, indeed, almost entirely upon sugar. This

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and enter upon temporary duty as attending surgeon and ex-

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cases seem to be more frequent than the former ones.

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