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Twenty-elghib Annual Session opens Sept. 28. 1914 and closes June 5, 1915
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women were sewing. "Dear me!" one of the visitors whispered,
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in comparison with which many other subjects that excite her people are trifles."
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duction, and its site of development, necessarily involve the study of
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studied on the dog, and that students who intend to become abdominal
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aoid water. It usually causes eructation very soon, and this appears
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little or no lipolytic power, whereas the proteid coagulum was found to be
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soldier at the door, that he allowed him to pass. I followed die bearers
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pigs and mice causes a fibriuopurulent peritonitis, with a moderate
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and mutual connexions with each other. These functions are of
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rigidity, which begins gradually and invades the upper limbs first. This
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Lancet. — 'An e.xcellent preparation ; contains all the alkaloids of the Bark.'
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recurs on the third day, reckoning in the days on which two successive
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improbable that the special causes in these and other epidemics originate in
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necessity of making traction. He thought that this destruction was rather an
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used iti m(!dicine. besides being deficient in tlu? strength
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disappeared towards the upper wall of the lateral ventricle. The softened portions
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never offered for sale. It attracted the attention of a writer in the
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Mansell Moullin^ says, that " urethral arthritis" is closely akin to
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not infrequently is in doubt respecting the diagnosis. If, in these cases, re-
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longed, and intense or long-continued emotional excitement, lead to dis-
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Colored College. Goor};ii> J. M. & S., Savaiinali, 1898, iii,
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patient, who, full of joy at having escaped the red-hot iron,
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Faculty, to express our appreciation of your noble and generous act, which
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Neuralgias have been frequently observed during and after

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