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of metabolism of the worm, aided possibly by the mechanical
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and a bank loan of $100,000 to be repaid over a ten-year
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France during the Great War 1914-1918. By George Henry Makins, G. C. M . G.
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antidysentery serum given- both times after the disease had been
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for it is one of the commonest of all the stumbling-
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with Dr. A. M. Whisnant in the practice of eye, ear, nose,
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Pyelography. — Fig. 5 shows probable stone in left kidney.
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especially in children. In Profuse Bleeding from the
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The left free suture end after reaching the same point above the internal
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whole of the new growth can be removed. When the tumour is too
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therapeutic preparation, but a crude, unrefined morphin, much
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Digestion is often greatly helped by the use of Lactic or Hydrochloric
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and other similar observations, only once foimd any rickets (Freeman).
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of sand. In colour they are purple, or reddish brown, or greyish, according
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nsevi : the back, buttocks and genital regions are, perhaps, the parts
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physical world around us. " In plants and in animals," says Dr. B.
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violent and distressing. As a rule, however, there are in these cases
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origin of, this melanopathic discoloration; and he has no
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function to lactation, and suggested that the ovar-
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t Virchow-Hirsch's " Jahresbericht," fiir 1871, ii, S. 249. % Loc. cit., p. 167.
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fully as serious as those for which the latter was performed.
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mend the Government in its policy of restriction. We
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Your Committee would consider it moi e satisfactory if the preliminary
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