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thought that he would thus win his fight would not be worth

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by means of which it is circulated through the body, and the

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xanthin (CeHgN^Os), paraxanthin (C7H8N4O2), episarkin (CiHeNgO),

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experience. The rationale, technique, and results of

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Tonics, fresh air, and good food are indicated in convalescence. Iron

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and impending ketoacidosis. She knew she was not eating

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was not so, and that the disease commenced with the pharynx. Guer-

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Dr. Murray, of Radstock, has published a case in which

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who are chlorotic and dyspeptic. It shows, he says, that iron

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and strychnia. One male with insufficiency of left internal rectus,

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3. Septicemia. — Not only so-called surgical and j^uerperal infection

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cotton batten attached to the vest or other garment, so as to protect the

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Society find insuperable legal difficulties in accepting the scheme

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the seaman's ration. Necrosis of the jaw, or phossy jaw, which was

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by pessaries, rest, and prolonged treatment much of

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pelvis of the kidney, alkaline fermentation was ob-

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other diseases of the liver. Thus both organs may be aflected

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attainments made him highly resp. cted. — Buffalo Courier.

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the structures which enter into the composition of the

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Medical Society of London, S p.m. Mr. Spencer Watson, "On Some

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gested that this might be a case of the kind reported by M.

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by the plaintiff. Of one that occurred in Huron county we have not

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ered more or less of the tonsils, could not be so easily treated.

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as Surgeon or Physician was Uable to the penalty named. He

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