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In many of these cases the process can be traced from

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vations, open up a wonderful field for research, which, if

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The following officers were elected for the ensuing year : President, Dr. Ed-

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m'Lukedly elongated openings, without distinct wall or

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plain typewritten list of all patients admitted to the hospitals where they practice for the year pre-

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necessary to have an end-result system of hospital or-

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officers, or our petition should be forwarded to the

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tar surface be brought in contact with a linrizuntal

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the bundles of gray non-nieduUated fibres, there occur

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iem, are practically without effect upon the proteid metabolism and

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to live encysted inside this discarded skin. This is the second eedysis

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spleen normal ; kidneys of normal size, slightly congested, especially the

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Hospital. He had pernicious anemia, no gastric symp-

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(Progressisis), now known as the Independents, of which

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ter organ did not necessitate it's removal, we find 51

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practical aid to State and municipal healtli boards, ns

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Council feels confident that as a knowledge of the So-

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or less contradictory theories have been advanced about other

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I have two young boys of four and six years, broth-

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main branch of a spinal nerve. This statement is, indeed, almost identical

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in the intervals of the irrigations. I may say that the pa-

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teria and undo to a certain extent the preceding processes.

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