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748.— Milne (G. L,) Modified form of tvplioid fever.
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gether and their significance analyzed in such a way
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latter seems to me more correct. After the development of the disease,
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The CHILD SAFE program was timed for October to coincide with
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which is wide enough to support the hand and forearm.
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It is stated by Freund that, according to Uskoff, the
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I like manner, irresi)ective of any inflammatory or structural disease,
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ates the disease is, that first of all we commonly have pain
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the editors must therefore be considered as the wiser course.
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Sinks, Privies, etc. — One pound of copperas, known as sulphate of iron, costing
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1905 b. — The tapeworms of American chickens and turkevs <21. Ann. Rep.
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XIII.— Colic. XIV.— Constipation. XV.— Worms.
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In dealing with artificial respiration there is a remarkable
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madelarge collections of the birds, shells, and plants of the West Indies. More-
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heroes, who so barely escaped being martyrs to science,
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of which the other members comprise these modified con-
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line, seventh costal cartilage, nipple line, seventh rib, mid-axillary line eighth intercostal
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the cheeses were removed from the hoops, the cloths and outside of
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11 by A. Eben. Its frequency appears to vary greatly in dif-
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dilate. The pulse is weak, at first frequent, later infrequent
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administration of antiseptic measures. For instance,
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3. Lincoln E, et al: Tuberculosis in Children. First edition. New
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Fourth— Convalescence is much more quickly completed, for the reason that
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twenty-five, fifty, seventy-five, and one hundred patients per week, $1, $1.25,
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occasions succeeded in arresting the progress of fever by these means ;
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the slightest touch is disagreeable, and any form of press-

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