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headache, and I bring him before the Society to get an expression as to

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A notable feature in these cases of cerebral hemiplegia is the retarda-

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in low forms of continued fever their continued adminis-

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became closely associated with the Order of the Knights Templars,

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pathological nature of those phases of cutaneous disease

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a number of cases of sarcoma as having been cured by the

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The patient was a boy eight years of age. On August 20, 1881,

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1851.] Burnett on the Microscope and Renal Jlffections. 373

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sloughy. All the other veins which had been punctured were a little

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branes. It may also appear in the subarachnoid space, ventricle,

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Dr. John R. Van der Poel thought many cases of auto

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vations, open up a wonderful field for research, which, if

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bodily, capsule and all, out of sight into the vitreous

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ly, no swelling of the soft i)arts over Ihe larynx was

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sented in Chtpter II., and in Chapter III. we have the

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his office. A brick culvert had been made through a pile of cinders (or cin-

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symptoms. Whatever may have been the mental manifestations early in the

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of the feet, in three of the iojs only." These patients

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of opening with carbolic lotion. Discharge from wound of opera=...

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Dr. Cryan thought that the case just narrated justified him in drawing

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regions, but with particular frequency in si:>ecial localities, as in the

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effusion when the patient counts or makes any vocal sound.

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glands may be enlarged from simple adenitis, or from cancerous infil-

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stand ; but such diseases as apoplexy of the spleen, quarter-ill,

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Gesellsch. f. Morphol. u. Phvsiol. in Miinchen (1892), v. 8 (2-3), pp. 105-113.

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