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lagrin 280 from July, 1912. At 14 C Street, where they moved Dec. 16,
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margin of the patella, and anterior superior spine, were in the same
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idea be confirmed (see p. 432), that potassic iodid is not absorbed at all in the
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pendages. As Churchill says : " I shall therefore speak
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uterus, about eight in all, had died. At the present time it
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a consequence of stagnation of the bile in the gall-
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fects, such as pyrexia, joint pains or skin eruptions.
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well as the diagnosticum and in the same manner or any other modifi-
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prominent. There is no enlargement of the lymphatics, but there
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tain conditions, will give us positive, satisfactory results.
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points. (' Ed. Month. Jour.,' April 1847, p. 763.) In the < Medical Times and
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St. Augustine, Select Letters, trans. byJ.H. Baxter (London: W. Heinemann, 1930) Letter
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United Kingdom. It is an able and exhaustive document, and
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aluminium, permanganate of potash, it runs the risk of being
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the force of the infection producing it; and a steady perseverance
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Mr. Callaway does not treat at all of the process by which a fracture of the
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ulceration of the bronchial tubes, with dilatation, pneumonia, abscess, gangrene,
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Dr. M.'s concluding remarks are too applicable to our own country
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y*^"^^ I the generation of animal heat, directly fa-
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jections extended into the healthy skin. The growth was
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less necessity for insisting on a knowledge of Greek,
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nous, attacked the injured part and spread rapidly up
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We are hardly prepared to pronounce the omission from this
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anaesthesia of the pharynx, and there was considerable diminution of
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districts still taxed only by their native rulers —
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prostration to which the last attack of hematemesis had brought

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