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extent with one another at their bases, and reduce the valvular aperture
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these compound actions ought more particulary to be studied and
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also, many persons are affected. It is not so common in Europe, Asia, or
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(c) As a metastatic growth in the adventitia, when it was not in
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the compound tincture of myrrh should be occasionally
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Iowa State University. — The annual announcement of the Medical
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water was recorded. Curare (4 eg. Eimer and Amend) was injected subcuta-
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ferentiation. Minot urges the adoption of mesothelium
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of the lungs. The heart was normal as to size, thick-
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the limit for red, and the most central that for green. The limit for blue
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ration. Gaz. d. hop.. Par., 1896, Ixix. 463-466. — Schick
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the symptoms, is to be taken into account, before deciding with regard to
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expressions of agreement with my view, and the answers
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next medicine should be subsequently employed. But if, on the other
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The cervix in these cases was usually elongated, but
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tion being now as in bowel of equal caliber. A second
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vogue as ever, and that a new cohort of Sangrados or Broussais will again
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marked, there is decided dulness, and beneath our hand sev-
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chronic alcoholism. There is the same tendency as in delirium tremens to
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These cases should be kept under observation for a long time
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the upward pressure. The respiration is thoracic, oppressed, and hur-

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