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prevent inflammation and suppuration of the brain and its
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met with very few cases of pneumonia where the patient could
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84 hig, B. M hicsan, B. ; J>yngcai), H. 88 uncpumneaae yopl«cao,
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passed by kidney^ and skin. When the stools are strongly alkaline diluted sul-
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are given three times daily. Sometimes chloral | to 2 grains (.032 to
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purposely or otherwise, contagion with infection, and
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much shorter period than Mr. Allingham found requisite in the case
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the posterior portion of the retina, but Coburn (Xew York), writing
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1 On the Minute Structure and Functions of the Spinal Cord and Medulla Oblon-
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The pupils, somewhat contracted, react up to the last
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imbricata is easily distinguished by the absence of
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Rif. med. 1888. No. 236. Sulla etiologia dell infezione malarica. Arch. p. 1.
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As I have prescribed to myself no particular arrangement to
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acute enteritis. Tannigen 0.1 gram, four times daily ; diarrhea subsides
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from the patient interview, in order to avoid ignoring
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jected to analysis, viz : 250 cases which occurred during the last months of
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the ojiening would finally close of itself when it was no longer required.
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short time after birth, that they may go on with their natural
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the pathology of the uterine appendages, if there has been
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As further means of distinguishing in practice cases of functional para-
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J. W. BORST & CO., Publishers, 5 S. Howard Street.
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more easily under them : hence the mortality of the insane is, ca>terix paribtis,
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society and occupation, the avoidance of close and heated rooms
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morphia is reduced to half the accustomed dose the first day and then
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become cystic, and tend to acquire large dimensions. They may attain the
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